• MYSCL Trophy Presentation 2019

    The President will present the 2019 League Trophies at Cleckheaton CC on Monday 7 October 2019 at 7:30pm. A representative from each Club is required to

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  • First matches

    At the General Meeting Clubs decided to delay the start of the season to the 28 April. Fixtures before this date will be re-arranged.

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  • MYSCL Start of Season Meeting

    MYSCL Start of Season Meeting
    Confirmation that the General Meeting for the start of the Season will be at 7:30pm on Monday 1st April at Cleckheaton CC.

    MYSCL require Team Captains and Umpires to attend the start of season meeting to ensure:
    • a common understanding of the League ethos reaches the cricket field,
    • that each Captain and Umpire has an awareness of scorecard requirements e.g. Umpire fielding points
    • to confirm each Team’s responsibility with regard to: re-arranging fixtures, results procedure,